1. 2013

    • Redesign Logo

      Realizing that a redesign doesn’t mean I need to start from scratch with everything, I reclaim the logo from the previous design to use on the new site.

    • Redesign Intro

      Eager to build more than the blog, I write about bringing a new content model to the site in the form of an intro on the homepage.

    • Redesign Favicon

      Similar to the post itself, there’s not much to this description besides indicating that I replace the default favicon with my own.

    • Redesign RSS feed location

      In this post, I second-guess the path to the site’s RSS feed and refactor it to support multiple feeds, which will most likely be overkill in the end.

    • Redesign TypeScript

      Taking a break from visible progress, I implement TypeScript on the site as a way for me to finally learn what the big deal is all about.

    • Redesign Sideways progress

      Rather than moving the needle further, I spend a night going down a rabbit hole that does leave me without much to show, but I still consider it progress.

    • Redesign Pagination

      A dozen posts into writing for the new site, I recognize a need for pagination and write about implementing it in Contentful.

    • Redesign Links

      After referencing another post in the form of a link, I find myself needing to build a custom renderer in Contentful.

    • Redesign Footnotes

      A friend pointed out a mistake in an earlier post I wrote, so I implemented footnotes to allow for corrections while still maintaining the original writing.

    • Redesign Line-height

      In a move to improve readability, I adjust the leading on the site to provide more breathing room between lines of text.

    • Redesign Max-width

      With the discovery of the ch unit type in CSS and guidance on the ideal character-based line width, I set out to enforce a max-width on the site’s body copy.

    • Redesign Responsive images

      A forgotten CSS style prevents the images on the site from resizing for mobile, but a new discovery of Contentful’s image API leads to the perfect max-width.

    • Redesign Dates

      In order to maintain a chronologically aware blog, I add dates to posts and the RSS feed using the date-fns library.

    • Redesign Images

      After realizing that Contentful’s rich text renderer doesn’t include a renderer for assets, I create my own using Contentful’s image API.

    • Redesign RSS feed

      After being nudged by the elders of the web, I implement an RSS feed for those who are still sour about the demise of Google Reader—myself included.

    • Redesign Hello World

      In this inaugural post, I set out on an adventure to redesign my site while documenting its process along the way.


  2. 2020