In the previous article, I linked to another article for the first time. With Contentful, you can link to another entry by setting the link type to “entry” instead of “url”. This lets you select another entry in your account, but by default only renders the payload of the entry because Contentful relies on you to handle routing (and render the anchor element).

Similar to images, this required me to create a custom renderer for the link. For now, I know that any link within the site will go to another article, so I simply hard-coded the routing, but eventually, I’ll need proper logic to figure out the right path for a given entry. At that time, I’ll most likely route entries based on their content type—articles to /journal/:slug, portfolio items to /work/:slug, etc.

I do wonder if I’ll prefer a single blog stream for quick journal articles, traditional blog posts, and anything in-between. That would make it easier than checking several different spots, while still providing separate RSS feeds based on type.