I have a new homepage! I’ve been keeping this one close to the vest because I wanted to flip the switch rather than build it incrementally in the open. Because of this, I didn’t write about it as I built it, which I’m still kicking myself about, but that doesn’t mean I won’t write about it after the fact. I don’t plan to write a single, lengthy post about the page, as opposed to the other landing pages I’ve worked on, but rather spread the process out over a dozen smaller, easier-to-digest posts. Along with making it easier for me to write, this will also let me deep dive into specific parts I want to write about without needing to worry about the article as a whole.

For now, however, I’m going to take a deep breath and simply enjoy it being out there. The concept of building a mashup of my animated websites has literally been years in the making. I still can’t believe it’s live.