Learning Figma with a full stomach

This might sound obvious, but I’ve realized that the more prepared I am for meals, whether that means having a recipe, ingredients, and the time to cook or simply leftovers to heat up, the better the day and the happier I am. The days when I’m “off” are the ones when I’m too hungry to cook and end up quickly putting together a sad lunch like box mac & cheese or spaghetti with sauce from a jar. Between my chili and rice, lemon pasta and sweet potatoes, and the honey mustard chicken I have marinating, this weekend I’m probably the most prepared I’ve been—we also ordered a 6-pack of wine liters from our neighborhood wine shop.

While I did intend to relax this weekend, I couldn’t help but pursue an idea for Cushion. I watched Jen try to use Cushion on her iPad, which was far from ideal, so I started thinking about a “lite” interface that would be mobile and desktop friendly. Since I’m using Figma to design now, I took this opportunity to learn how to properly use the tool rather than continuing my habit of ignoring best practices and scrappily abusing the shape and text tools. Whether or not the Cushion idea becomes anything, I’ll at least have improved my Figma skills. So far, I’m learning how to use components and auto layout—both of which feel like magic.