Depression, chili, and the bathroom sink

Depression has been leaning on me these past couple days. It comes from all angles, with the virus and New York being the epicenter, the isolation and not being able to go on vacation, our bathroom sink being clogged and me just not wanting to deal with that yet. Yesterday, I got through the work day, then went on another grocery run, stocking up on the produce we’ve been relying on the most (mainly sweet potatoes and lemons). When I got back, Jen cooked spaghetti for dinner while I made a three-bean chili to last us the next few days using the Instant Pot.

I didn’t feel myself the entire time, but having a list of directions to carry out helped. When I was done, I still needed a mindless activity, so we washed and dried all the dishes that were piling up, which was unavoidable after cooking two meals in one night. Even then, I still needed to do something to keep my hands busy, so I got my wrench and fixed the bathroom sink. This wasn’t a big todo, like finishing my taxes or renewing my passport, but I was living with it for the past couple days, which makes it weigh even heavier each time I use the sink. I’m relieved that I no longer need to think about it, and hope this helps turn my mood around, but I don’t think I’ll fully rebound until we’re able to sit poolside in the desert again.