Half-gallon margaritas

We’re trying to strike a balance between cooking and supporting our local restaurants by ordering delivery, but we find ourselves not ordering delivery as much because it feels wrong, even though the restaurants probably rely entirely on delivery orders. Last night, we decided to order burritos from a local spot that has been creative with what you can have delivered—their menu includes their entire bar of booze (since delivering alcohol is legal during this time) as well as merch in the form of branded t-shirts.

For this restaurant in particular, we take advantage of their half-gallon margarita that arrives in a tupperware container. The first time we ordered it, they sharpie’d an encouraging messaging on the top about us all getting through this together. Last night, they switched it up with a fun fact. While we used to order delivery almost every night before the lockdown, it has become the treat that I remember it to be as a kid in rural PA.