Working from home for good

These past couple weeks, I’ve been sneaking to the studio to work, since it’s only a few blocks away, but I found myself getting depressed being alone each day. I tried working from home on Monday, which was like night and day for my morale—Jen and the cats keep good company. I don’t expect this situation to change anytime soon, so I carried my desk chair home from the studio. Now, I can at least have a more comfortable seat for my new “desk”, aka the kitchen table, instead of the wooden foldout chair that’s been destroying my back.

After work, I’ve been playing Cities: Skylines, which is like Sim City if the details and graphics were dialed to 11. I’m so much more interested in city planning now, and determined to develop a sustainable city. Aside from video games, I’d love to chop away at the giant stack of sci-fi books gathering dust on my dresser, but I’m not exactly in the mood for my favorite genres, which tend to include virus outbreaks. I loved reading The Andromeda Strain a couple years back, but I need a more hopeful distraction right now.