Dystopian grocery shopping

I spent the majority of the day working on bringing client-based hourly rates to Cushion. For the past year, I’ve been on somewhat of a sabbatical from building Cushion after recovering from anxiety. I’m still handling support every day, but I haven’t been in the codebase much. Now that I’m slowly getting back into it, I’ve fallen in love with Cushion and product development all over again.

Before deploying the update, I went on a grocery run. Each time I leave the house, the outside world feels more and more dystopian. Both our go-to bodega and laundromat closed indefinitely, so I picked up detergent to wash clothes in the tub. The grocery store only allowed five people inside at a time, so I waited in line outside until it was my turn. I welcomed the extra precaution as I really appreciated food shopping without needing to watch out for others as much. Tonight, I’m planning to monitor Cushion while relaxing with cocktail made by Jen.