Today is my first day at Destroy Today LLC

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently left Adobe. I won’t go into detail about why I left—I just knew it was time. Leading up to my last day, I met with several companies. I figured my next steps would be to join a new company and see where it leads me.

All of them seemed like great opportunities. It was enlightening to talk to people about their future while I was trying to figure out mine. When asked for input on what they should do next, I surprisingly had no problem sharing my thoughts. This on-the-spot kind of thinking allowed me to come up with ideas I never considered, looking years into the future instead of just months.

I showed them my work, speaking thoroughly about the process and sharing the many stories tied to each app. When asked about specific UX innovations in my apps, I turned to DestroyFlickr. I recalled it having a handful of unique features I was really proud of.

Revisiting the app left me a bit nostalgic. I could remember everything about the time I wrote it. I remembered being so excited to work on it I couldn’t sleep. I remembered knowing nothing about designing an app besides what felt right. I remembered celebrating each time I got a new user—reaching 30 was a huge deal.

At that moment, I fell in love with my side projects all over again. I realized I would still work on them no matter where I ended up—they are a part of me. Without a doubt, these side projects are my best work. They are what I’m best known for. They are my passion in life.

Then why are they just side projects?

The decision has never been more clear. It’s time to destroy today, every day. I will work for myself, spending every waking moment just building. I will collaborate with other builders, creating partnerships out of the want to make our ideas real. I will share everything I learn—writing articles and teaching workshops. Whether I’m designing, developing, or both, I will ship quality products. This is what I need to do. I’m ready.