Red Hook cat lot

Yesterday, Jen encouraged me to take a mid-day walk with her. I’ve been inside so long that I forgot that’s something I could do if I really needed to—and she knew I did. Jen found a new path in the industrial area of Red Hook that’s almost entirely a ghost town now, so we were able to pull our masks down when we got there. It felt amazing—walking in the sun and breathing in fresh air. She showed me the gravel lot she found that’s owned by stray cats. It’s near the abandoned factory that somehow looked even more abandoned now.

As we walked by the cat lot, they peeked their heads through the gaps in the cinder block walls to see who was visiting. Another cat checked us out from behind a chainlink fence. Jen was in heaven. After a few more blocks, I needed to get back to work, so I headed home, but Jen continued on towards the water. When she got home, she told me that she chatted with someone at Hometown BBQ, and said that they’re now delivering to our neighborhood. We ordered enough barbecue, sides, and honey cornbread to last us a few days.