Chef Collective

Since we’re now stuck at home every day, I’ve been getting much better at signing off of work for the weekend. If we weren’t confined to the indoors, and had our normal life of going out for dinner or hanging out with friends, I probably wouldn’t be able to help myself from working at least one weekend day. Who am I kidding though—I’ll still “work” on my side projects, but that doesn’t feel like work.

This morning, I had my bi-weekly “coffee” chat with Carly, but over video, of course. She clued me in to Chef Collective, which delivers produce directly from local farms. I’ve been trying not to go to the grocery store as often as I’d typically go, but I didn’t want to use one of the more popular food delivery services with the limited delivery slots, so the folks who can’t leave could use them instead. With Chef Collective, there was no problem getting a delivery. I also feel better knowing we’re supporting local farms as well as the team behind the service itself, which would typically be delivering to local restaurants. They also provide us with tipping options for both the delivery people and the mongers assembling the produce boxes. Our delivery arrives on Monday, so I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend preparing for it by planning recipes for the next couple weeks.

The highlight of today, however, was when Jen made pancakes for breakfast. Now that we’re staying at home so much, not ordering delivery as much, and not eating at restaurants, I really appreciate treats like this. It makes me want to expand my cooking skills to be more improvisational and resourceful than strict to the recipe. Pancakes are pretty simple, but I still haven’t made them myself. 34 and still haven’t made pancakes—insane, I know. I’m hoping the produce boxes from Chef Collective force me to become this person because the boxes we ordered include a ton of food I’ve never cooked with. I’m both excited and scared at the same time. Or just excited.