Brooklyn Beta is people


photo by Plaudit Design

This past week, I attended Brooklyn Beta, an annual web conference conveniently held a few blocks from my neighborhood. This marked my second year at the event and although the speakers were as unique as last year’s, I found that the conversations I had throughout the conference stuck with me more than the actual talks. This shouldn’t diminish the work of the hosts, Chris and Cameron, considering it is one of the reasons they host the conference each year—Brooklyn Beta is partly an excuse to bring the internet to one place. And, it does a good job. For those few days in October, I’m off the computer and away from Twitter, but the streets of my neighborhood are filled with everyone from my stream. I have the chance to finally meet them in person and build a stronger, longer-lasting connection.

Memorable conversations

On that note, listed below are the conversations I had at Brooklyn Beta that stayed with me through the weekend. A few of them were on general life-related topics, but others left me re-thinking how I handle my day-to-day work.

Internet friends, now real-life friends

Brooklyn Beta also provided me with the opportuntiy to meet many of the people I talk to online, but have never met in person—some of them being internet friends going on five years!

Phil CoffmanNoah StokesJory RaphaelJackson LatkaJames HallWilson MinerDaniel WilburJoey FlynnJack ChengEric OlsenSam SoffesAllison HouseDan Shin


Lastly, I want to thank ChrisCameronJessiCreightonCassonJen, and everyone else involved in making Brooklyn Beta happen. To some, it’s just another conference, but to me, it provides the time away from work we so desperately need, while still encouraging reflection on what we do.