Jonnie Hallman is a principal design engineer based in Brooklyn, working at Era during the day and building Cushion at night.

My work focuses on building thoughtful, intuitive, and delightful interactions for the web, with a devotion to process, transparency, and sharing what I learn.

Stripe Logo

Prior to joining Era, I was a staff design engineer at Stripe, working on In 2020, we launched a colorful new redesign.

I also led development of the landing pages for Stripe Apps, Stripe Identity, Stripe Checkout, and Stripe Terminal.

Casper Logo

Before Stripe, I freelanced primarily for startups, focusing on animated marketing websites. For Casper, I built the homepage animations for to introduce their new sheets.

Read about the Casper homepage

FiftyThree Logo

My greatest hit was the FiftyThree Pencil landing page—a collaboration with the FiftyThree team to debut their first piece of hardware.

Read about the Pencil page

Cushion logo

After riding the freelance roller coaster for several years, I built my own app to bring peace of mind to freelancers by visualizing their schedule and income from a bird’s eye view.

Visit the Cushion website

In addition to building for the web, I also love writing (and speaking) about the process. Below are a few of my more popular posts:

Burning Out and Finding Stability June 4, 2019

Building the Casper homepage January 5, 2016

Building the Carousel website with Dropbox April 15th, 2014

Book Covers, Model Airplanes, and My Dad January 5th, 2014

Building the Pencil Page with FiftyThree November 21st, 2013


I also spoke at CreativeMornings on the topic of “Make”. I took that opportunity to talk about my dad and his influence on me as a maker—with a focus on passion and process.

Design Town logo

Off the web, my wife and I run a shared studio space in our neighborhood, where we work alongside a handful of our freelancer friends. Come on down to Design Town

Design Town interior
Design Town Jen & Jonnie
Design Town exterior

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